Our Story

We are David and Victoria Czech, proud owners and founders of Home Roots Farm.  Here’s a little history about us and our farm.  

We’ll start by telling you about when we decided to be farmers and how we acquired our beloved farm.  David is a graduate from Colorado School of Mines and has had a career in the tech industry. Victoria is from California where she was a wedding consultant and coordinated hundreds of events. We met in 2004 in Colorado, both of us just emerging from from previous marriages that had left both of us very much in need of love and support.  We saved each other with love and began a life of healing and happiness together. 

David’s career led us to travel all over the US for many years until constantly being on the move finally took its toll on us.  We decided to plant some roots back home in Colorado to be near and take part in the lives of many of our families. We started our farm to promote and educate children and others on the wonders of natural food and the ways to produce it. 


We purchased a small 10 acre farm a bit south of Denver and grew many varieties of produce while raising chickens for eggs. Our largest yield and the crop we were known for was our Heirloom tomatoes. We sold through a CSA, held a farmers market on the farm, allowed pick your own produce, sold to restaurants, and hosted a weekly educational visit and tour for kids.  and supplied much of our own nutritional needs with our own crops. Considering we didn’t know anything about farming, we were very successful with a very supportive community. 

We learned quickly that while small scale agriculture can be soulfully rewarding, it is tough and not very financially profitable. We love being stewards of the land while feeding and educating our community, but we also needed to be financially sustainable so that David could leave the tech world and we could be full time farmers together.  With Victoria’s enthusiasm for and experience with weddings, we decided that hosting on a beautiful farm would be ideal to live in both worlds of happiness. Victoria’s love for the east coast led her to discovering how popular barn and destination weddings are here, so the search for a location began!  

Finally, after two years of searching, traveling back and forth to NY, and viewing multiple farms all over upstate NY, we found our dream property, now known as Home Roots Farm; complete with 96 acres of rolling hills, woods, pastures, and a wandering stream. The soil is fertile and full of life.   Just a short walk to beautiful Otsego lake, and a gorgeous lake-side drive to the historic village of Cooperstown. We sold our farm in Colorado and moved in on August of 2018.

The site was originally a dairy farm in the mid 1800’s and its barn with dairy stalls and second level hay storage still sits here today in amazing condition. We have a gorgeous modern farmhouse with multiple full suites that will sleep 16 comfortably (we use it to house our wedding couples and the wedding party.)  Everyday since has been a blessing and we are forever grateful.

Home Roots Farm is now a working farm growing organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs.  Starting in 2020 we will also be producing various stem and cut flowers. We have a small flock of chickens, 8 cats, 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, and soon we will have goats.  We are working towards renovating our barn so that we will be able to use it for events. The renovation will take some time, but in the meantime we can utilize this beautiful barn as a backdrop for events we host, and for incredible, memorable pictures.